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Our specialized focus allows us to design the right solution for your business. We know the exact technology your business needs to realize its potential through simple, innovative, cost effective solutions that enhance the productivity and performance of your office.

Solex Technology Group can –

  • Implement an efficient communication and collaboration solution to decrease time-consuming methods of communication such as printing, faxing and using paper forms to share information.
  • Optimize mobility access making requesting, sharing and storing information faster, easier and safer.
  • Recommend the right technology that streamlines workflow, increases employee productivity and controls costs.
  • Future Proof your office through the use of hardware and software solutions that operate and integrate across multiple platforms and interfaces.

Case Study

Solex Technology Group led a discovery meeting to assess an EMR solution for Town and Country Pediatric Group.

Solex Technology Group looked at 6 main objectives for the practice:
  • Workflow Productivity
  • Integration with referral networks and hospital EMRs
  • Cost Differentials
  • Hardware/Software/Infrastructure
  • Security/HIPPA compliance
  • Local Maintenance and Support

During the discovery process, we uncovered a key opportunity for cost savings. By recommending changing the phone/internet service provider, we were able to increase the office internet bandwidth by over 50% and save the practice over $500 per month on their phone/internet bill. Our recommendation essentially paid for the new EMR software that is being implemented in the practice. Solex Technology Group took the lead in coordinating the EMR and telecommunications vendors/partners which allowed Town and Country Pediatric Group to remain productive, profitable and focused during this transition.